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 New perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes

  PAVIA, Italy
  Palazzo Botta, University of Pavia
  20 - 22 September 2013

In partnership with
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EBRAMUS: Europe BRAin and MUSic (ITN MC FP7, GA 238157)

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University of Finance and Management in Warsaw       University of Pavia


EBRAMUS - Europe, BRAin and MUSic Network Final Conference of an Initial Training Network Marie Curie of the 7th Framework programme of the European Union

The final conference of the EBRAMUS Network presents an intensive program including the most up-to-date research carried out in a dozen European centres by first-line young researchers under the supervision of major authorities in the field.
EBRAMUS has been investigating an attractive, promising new research avenue at the intersection of neuroscience, the human sciences and new technologies: Can music boost sensory, cognitive and motor development in normal and impaired children and adults? The project assesses this issue in an integrative way by combining behavioural, neurophysiological, neuropsychological and computational methods.
Over the weekend of 20-22 September 2013, three focus topics will cover both basic and clinical research, addressing the potential role of music in rehabilitation: 1. rehabilitation of auditory functions and language deficits, 2. benefits of music for more general cognitive functions (learning, memory) and 3. timing behaviour and the use of music in motor rehabilitation.