An eclectic and entertaining social program will complement the scientific sessions: Welcome reception, Jam Session open to participants and many wonderful City Attractions. You need to register for social events using the relevant form that will be published in March.

Friday, 18 June 2021
 - 17.30-20.00
Attendance is free. Registration required.

18.00-18.10 Welcome by the Mayor of Aarhus 
18.10-18.30 Connecting with music 1 Assoc. Professor Lena Gregersen and student group "Song, Dance and Playing" 

city hall aarhus

The welcome reception takes place at Aarhus City Hall which is situated within short walking distance from the Aarhus Music Hall. At the reception participants can enjoy wine, soft drinks and snacks. The Mayor of Aarhus and representatives from the Hosting Committee as well as the Mariani Foundation will welcome the participants. Assoc. Professor Lena Gregersen and a Song, Dance and Playing student group from RAMA will provide the conference’s first musical experience.


Saturday, 19 June 2021 - 19.30-22.30
The price for the dinner is 60€. Registration required.

The dinner includes welcome drink and snacks, main course with a glass of wine/beer/soft drink and a dessert. Additional wine, beer etc. can be purchased individually.

railway repair center aarhus

Sunday, 20 June 2021 - 20.00-23.00
The Jam sessions are free of charge. Registration required for musically active participants.

music hall aarhus

As part of the social program, MIB and RAMA have arranged for three simultaneous jam sessions on Sunday evening. The purpose of the jam sessions is to give the participants a chance to perform and interact musically in an informal setting. Between 8 and 11 p.m., this structure will allow for the participants both to take part in several of the activities and to listen in. The doors will remain open to all three stages.

  1. Choir session. This is not a jam session in the traditional sense but an opportunity to sing together under competent leadership. Associate Professor Carsten Seyer-Hansen is a well-renowned choir conductor who, besides leading both the professional and the children’s choir at the Aarhus Cathedral, teaches choir conducting at RAMA. Due to Carsten’s exquisite pedagogical skills, this session will be for everyone who wishes to sing.
  2. Jazz Jam session. Under the leadership of experienced jam host and drummer Mikkel Vuust, this session will be for all players and singers of jazz in the widest sense. High-quality pianos, keyboards, guitars, basses and percussion will be made available by RAMA.
  3. Classical session. In this session players of classical instruments of any sort will have the opportunity to play in an ensemble. Former Associate Professor at RAMA, Arne Dich, will be in charge of the session providing ad-hoc arrangements of classical pieces and scores.
    Participants who are unable to bring their own instrument may apply for borrowing one from RAMA. Please indicate your requirement during registration.

It is, in theory, possible to take part in all three sessions. Depending on the registrations, the organizers will distribute singers/players according to the plan below.

Time   A. Choir session  B. Jazz Jam session C. Classical session 
 20.00-20.55 1 Ongoing



Monday, 21 June 2021 - 18.00-22.00
Entrance fee offered by the Mariani Foundation. Registration required. Cost for light supper: 24 euros per person.

1. 19.30-22: jazz at Bent J jazz bar, featuring Mikkel Vuust, Frederik Vuust and Peter Vuust      
2. 19.30 and 20.30: recitals at “The Elsinore Theater” by percussion Professor Henrik Knarborg Larsen, featuring Ki-aikido martial arts techniques

old town museum aarhus

(Warning! The streets in the Old City Museum are cobbled, so high heels are not recommended.)

Conference participants are invited to one of Aarhus’ renowned attractions, Den Gamle By (The Old City Museum) for an exclusive evening with exhibitions, music and light supper. The Old City Museum is a living museum depicting life and architecture in Denmark from three different eras: 1864, 1927 and 1974. The museum is situated close to the centre of Aarhus right next to the Botanical Garden. All buildings originate from the whole of Denmark and have been taken down piece by piece then rebuilt at the museum. This evening, the 1974 neighbourhood is open, including the “Aarhus fortæller (Aarhus narrates)” exhibition and the Tårnborg house with apartments representing the life of a single mother, a nuclear family, a middle-class working couple, a commune and six Turkish immigrant workers. Each apartment is recreated from real people's stories and photos.

Some of the shops will be open too, including the “Pølsevogn”, where you can buy a hotdog and a chocolate milk soft drink, and the Coffee booth offering choices of coffee.

At Den Gamle By, participants have the option of enjoying a light supper, including 3 canapes (Salmon, Cod, Sausage, Salad and Bread) and a glass of Champagne. The price is 24 €.

Musical events
In connection with the social event at Den Gamle By, participants can attend two different musical events.

  1. Two recitals of solo percussion in the “Helsingør Teater” (The Elsinore Theater)
    In the original setting of The Helsingør Teater , Denmark’s oldest theatre stage preserved in its original form, Associate Professor and leader of RAMA’s percussion class Henrik Knarborg Larsen will perform two pieces, one for marimba and one for the aluphone (new original instrument invented in Denmark). As part of an artistic research project, Larsen has worked on investigating the potential of applying methods from the Japanese martial art Ki-aikido in the playing of marimba. In the concert, Larsen will convey some of these techniques to the audience and demonstrate how it applies to his artistic practice. The concert is played twice; at 19.30 and again at 20.30 with an approximate duration of 30 minutes.

    Watch this video to see Larsen in an Aluphone performance 

  2. Jazz at Bent J. Jazz bar
    Participants will experience the atmosphere of an original Danish 70’s jazz club. Here Professor Peter Vuust (double bass) and his two sons Frederik (piano) and Mikkel (drums) will perform a program of jazz standards. The bar will be open during the whole evening.