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260 poster will be exhibited at J.B. Martin Conference Center.

The poster subthemes are:

A - Music and development in children and adolescents

B - Music, adulthood and lifespan

 A1.     Infants and toddlers
   B1.     Language, learning and memory
 A2.     Talent, Absolute pitch, Genius in children
   B2.     Music and motor skills
 A3.     Music education and training
   B3.     Pitch, rhythm, scale and tonality
 A4.     Developmental disorders
   B4.     Emotions, imagery and aesthetics
 A5.     Music therapy and children
   B5.     Talent, Absolute pitch, Genius
   B6.     Aging and dementia
   B7.     Neurological disorders, Amusia, Tone-deafness and Beat-deafness
   B8.     Musicians' disorders
   B9.     Music therapy

If your poster has been confirmed by our scientific secretariat, please check the Final List ordered by day to check your presentation date.

Posters will categorically have to be printed with the following maximum dimensions:
- height 120 cm max
- width 110 cm max

Due to space, it will be necessary to exhibit the posters only for the resepctive sessions.
- Set-up: 8-9 am on the relevant day
- Removal: after the poster session
Push-pins will be provided onsite. No adhesive or tape admitted!

Moreover, 20 posters have been selected by the Scientific Committe as BEST POSTER ABSTRACTS for a short oral presentation in the "BEST POSTER ABSTRACTS IN A FLASH" session (please see the Program)
Here is the List ordered by day:
Hidalgo Céline; de Manzano Örjan; Ferreri Laura; Schön Daniele
Bonacina Silvia; Benner Jan; Gold Benjamin; Mas-Herrero Ernest; Sachs Matthew; Moore Emma
Bianco Roberta; Gunther Brian; François Clement; Large Edward; Brauchli Christian; Fleming David; Dubinsky Ella; Sihvonen Aleksi


For any further information you may require, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.